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Issue No. 374 October 2013

'No idea too big or small'

Any ideas? Staff in three districts are being asked how Police can get the most out of its vehicles.

A Continuous Improvement trial taking place across Southern, Wellington and Bay of Plenty districts could see good ideas from staff implemented at a national level.

The trial focuses on Police vehicles, and how they could better meet the needs of staff and the organisation.

Districts can expect further trials - known as 'challenges' - with a view to generating ideas about many other aspects of policing.

Continuous Improvement, a Policing Excellence initiative, requires staff to think about ways in which Police systems, processes and services could be improved.

The six to eight-week trial involves staff in the three districts using a web-based tool to generate ideas that will then be filtered and assessed by subject matter experts.

All ideas generated can be commented on and voted on by those involved in the trial.

Nicole Devereux, Acting Director of the Centre for Continuous Improvement, says at present Police has few ways to capture and act on ideas and insights directly from staff.

“This trial is about harnessing the potential of good ideas emerging from our staff to ensure Police continues to deliver a quality service to the public.

“Over time, we expect Continuous Improvement to reduce the Police need for large-scale transformational change by investing in ongoing process improvements.

“Change is a mainstay in Police and no idea is too big or too small to contribute to making a difference,” says Nicole.

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