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Issue No. 374 October 2013

Minister’s Word
A view from Police Minister Anne Tolley

Public trust and confidence in New Zealand Police have never been higher. There are good reasons for that. It doesn’t just happen.

Police Minister Anne Tolley

At the same time, crime rates are continuing to fall. There are also good reasons for this. It’s no accident.

Lower numbers of recorded crimes and safer communities don’t make for exciting headlines. But they are crucial to Police, the country, and the Government.

The trust in our Police shown by the public shows the message is getting through. So I believe it’s important to recognise the excellent Police work, both in prevention and tackling crime, which has contributed to these statistics.

And we should never forget the dangers inherent in Policing.

I am confident frontline officers are better resourced than they have ever been, in terms of safety and technology. But it is impossible to eliminate all risk, given the nature of some of the people and situations that officers have to face.

These thoughts were very much to the fore when I attended the recent Police Remembrance Day ceremony.

Danger is never far away, and that is something our Police, and their families, live with on a daily basis.

While it is important to celebrate success, it is just as important to remember the sacrifices that have been made.

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